our values

Hi beautiful people! 

My name is Jess, and my mini goldendoodle, Phoebe, and I would love to introduce you to ourselves! A few years ago, I graduated from Providence College with a BA in Global Studies, focusing on food security & sustainability, and a Minor in Business.  My current job in the Finance Industry is amazing, but this past year in particular made me realize it's time to pursue what I love! 

Although quite sassy, Phoebe is one lovable baby.  Her all time favorite toy is any ball she can get her paws on!  She loves all DGC treats, but her go-to is the Blueberry Cobbler :)

Our cookies go beyond just USDA Organic, they are also sustainably made.  This word gets tossed around a lot, but I'll break it down for you -- sustainable food production is one that uses techniques to protect & nurture our environment, health & animal welfare. 

How does DGC incorporate sustainability?  

  • I attempt to buy most produce for our recipes at local Farmer's Markets or at Whole Foods in the local section.  Shopping local reduces greenhouse gas emissions & transportation costs incredibly.  Yes, the products may be pricier, but trust me it's better for our world in the long run.  
  • Zero Food Waste.  None of our products go to waste, and if we do have extra produce leftover we will be implementing a composting system to keep this sustainable life thriving!