The source of my ingredients and legitimacy behind the health benefits of each product means the world to me.

At Dood Girl, we use 100% USDA-Certified Organic, human-grade ingredients that are made & sourced in the USA. for each recipe. Not only do our treats taste and smell phenomenal, each recipe is guaranteed to have nutritional value for your pup.

A look at some of the beneficial ingredients we use below:

  • Organic Creamy Peanut Buttercontains healthy fats & protein which help maintain our dog's coat & skin.
  • Organic Almond Butter - contains Vitamin E and B3, which helps to maintain a shiny coat, healthy eyes, and stronger immune system.
  • Organic Ground Flaxseedgreat for our dog's digestive health & metabolism, as small servings offer a whole lot of fiber & protein. Flaxseeds also contain lignans, which can boost cardiovascular health and may help fight cancer.  Luckily, all of our treats have flaxseed included!
  • Organic Cinnamon - contains anti-inflammatory properties, regulates blood sugar, and raises insulin resistance in the right amounts.
  • Organic Ginger - aids digestion issues and nausea, has anti-inflammatory properties, and serves as an immune booster.
  • Organic Blackstrap Molasses - contains high amounts of manganese, iron and copper, which helps to build strong, healthy bones.
  • Organic Apples - contains Vitamin A, C, potassium, antioxidants, and loads of fiber!
  • Organic Coconut Oilbenefits metabolic function, eliminates bad breath, Lauric Acid helps to fight off viruses. Medium train triglycerides are also said to help aid digestion issues & cognitive function.
  • Organic Blueberries - contain antioxidants, high in Vitamins K, C, and fiber. The magical antioxidants in this superfood help to fight off free radicals and inflammation, which can help prevent cancer diagnosis.

Too many pet products are loaded with chemical solvents & preservatives that essentially do more harm for our pups than good.  If your bag of store bought treats has more than 6 ingredients in it (or any that you cannot prounouce) -- TOSS IT! 

When choosing the ingredients that make up our delicious treats, I always keep sustainability in mind.  I know that pups love our treats, but it's even more important to me that my products are benefitting the consumer.  I want all pups (and animals alike) to live healthy, prosperous lives.  They are our best friends, so we should treat them right!