Interested in purchasing wholesale for your company or small business?  Maybe you're planning a wedding or big event and need party favors for four-legged friends!  Good news, we're here to BAKE your dreams come true!

Wholesale Requirements:

  • You must have a business to qualify for a 30% wholesale discount 
  • Minimum purchase of 100 individually wrapped treats or 10 'Puppy Packs'
    • Treats will be priced per treat and must be the same flavor per 50 treats


  • All Dood Girl treats may be ordered wholesale. If you'd like to order customized treats, please refer to our custom listings here for our available shapes & sizes
    • If you have something special in mind, we work with a vendor that creates custom cutters in all shapes and sizes 
    • Custom cookie cutters are great for companies that would like to highlight their brand's logo or slogan 
  • Individually wrapped treats include a custom designed sticker (treat bags are a matte finish with white polka dots) 
  • 'Puppy Packs' are packed in 3 oz. kraft bags
    • Each 'Puppy Pack' includes 3 medium bones in our OG or Apple Pie flavor, with an assortment of training treats in our most popular current flavors
    • 'Puppy Packs' also include a custom designed sticker 
  • Treats packaged in bulk will be required to purchase custom sticker sheets for you to package yourself 
    • Treats sold for "treat boards" will not be required to purchase sticker sheets
  • Treats are fresh for up to 8-12 weeks if kept in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place. I highly recommend ordering a sustainable quantity of treats that you can go through in a timely manner, as I am a zero-waste company :)

Wholesale Pricing:  These prices DO include your 30% discount.

  • Small treats - 65¢ each bulk / 75¢ wrapped with sticker
  • Medium treats - $1.00 each bulk / $1.25 wrapped with sticker
  • Large treats - $1.55 each bulk / $1.75 wrapped with sticker
  • Puppy Packs (3 oz.) - $7.75 each (5 bones + training treats)
  • Custom stickers - 24 stickers per sheet /  $4.00 per sheet

After you contact us with your order and we've gone over any details, I'll create an invoice through my Shopify account that will include shipping. All of my shipping costs are calculated through my Shopify account based on the distance package travels & the weight of the  package. Generally I ship via USPS 2-day, or if UPS 2-day is more affordable I'll choose that route. 

Lastly, rather than DM on Instagram, please email us (info@doodgirlco.com) with any questions as our response times can be much quicker :)